Tips for designing a minimalist living room

by John Colby 09/14/2022

If you're a fan of simple design, a minimal living room might be your perfect match. By using minimalist design style, you can create a sleek atmosphere without sacrificing comfort. Here are some tips for designing a minimalist living room:


Getting rid of clutter is the first step to designing a minimalist living room. However, don't let the decluttering stop once you've removed the items belonging to other rooms. If you have accumulated a collection of accessories or accent furniture, consider removing one or more pieces to instantly open up the space,

Size & scale

When working with a minimal living room design, it's important to think about the size and scale of your furniture pieces. While not everything needs to be tiny to achieve a minimal approach, oversized silhouettes can make the room seem crowded. Try combining pieces with sleek, clean lines and matching in scale. Doing so will make the entire design feel simple and comfortable.

Natural light

Natural light is essential to a minimalist living room design. Try to maximize the amount of natural light you have through windows by using sheer or light-colored drapes. Simple fabrics without pattern or texture are perfect for framing your windows without making it feel dark and cluttered.

Multi-functional pieces

If you're concerned about not having enough storage space in a minimal living room design, invest in some multifunctional furniture pieces. There are plenty of options available for seating and accent furniture with hidden storage built-in. You can also use certain pieces for unexpected purposes, such as a stool for an end table.

Color palette

Minimalist design doesn't mean you have to forgo your favorite colors in a space. Instead, focus on one or two colors to anchor the design and connect every piece. If you're unsure about color choices, try virtual interior design apps with preview options for furniture and wall color. When in doubt, white and other light neutrals are staples of minimal living room designs.

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